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Parallel groove connectors CU/CU

Parallel groove connectors CU/CU
Parallel Groove Clamps Copper Extruded type
The clamp was designed to connect two parallel bare conductors. Conductors can be copper stranded or rods. Material is forged copper for copper to copper connection throughout the conductor range. The clamps have serrated transverse grooves for maximum conductor contact, use copper bolts and utilise Belleville washers to prevent thermal ratcheting under cyclic loads.
The clamps are coated with an oxide inhibitor. And stainless botls and nuts with washers was on requirement.

For tap-off connections of copper-conductors DIN 48201
Body:Copper alloy
Bolts:steel or stainless steel
Modle Bolt Torque Conductor Range mm2 Dimensions mm O.D No./Size of Bolts
CU6-70-2 20Nm 6 to 70 2.7 to 10.5 2¡ÁM8
CU16-95-2 20Nm 16 to 95 5.1 to 12.5 2¡ÁM8
CU16-150-2 30Nm 16 to 150 5.1 to 15.7 2¡ÁM10
CU150-240-2 40Nm 150 to 240 15.7 to 20.3 2¡ÁM12
CU300-400-3 40Nm 300 to 400 22.6 to 26.7 3¡ÁM12