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Anchoing clamp

Anchoring clamp
Material:High strength aluminium alloy,nylon plus fiber glass.stainless steel
Product property:They are characterized by high mechanical stability,reduced dimensions for easier handling,high mechanical and climatci resistance.
Cable gripping device in insulating material ensures the double insulation of the neutral core and avoids damage to sheath,secured parts,no tools required.Stainless steel bail with two marbles compressed on the end,theis conception allows an easier locking on the body of the clamp.They are in accordance with NFC 33-041.
Modle Cable-section(mm2)
PAM-06 16-20
PAM-07 16-25
PAM-08 16-25
DR1400 50-70
DR1500 50-70
DR1600 50-70
JBG-1 50-70
Anchoring clamp
Material:Nylon plus fiber glass
Product property:They plastic anchoring clamp is suitable for insulated low-voltage ABC cable.It is also suitable for multiple conductors.
Easy installtion and perfect insulated function.It is in accordance with the NFC 33-042.
Modle Cable-section(mm2)
STA 110/116
STB 216/225
STC 416/425
STD 116/170
LA1 416/425
LA2 26/216
DCR-1 14/125
DCR-2 14/125
2.1 16-25
PA1500 25-50
PA2000 54.6-70
Anchoring clamp
Material:Mild steel.nylon plus fiber glass
Product property:It is used to terminate 4-core of aerial bundle conductor.Its function is fixing and tightening the insulation conductor.
Modle Conductor Cross -section(mm2)
NES-B1 4(16-35)
NES-B2 4(50-120)
NES-B3 4(25-120)
NES-B4 4(95-150)
Anchoring clamp
For the termination of 4-core LV ABC cable with hook fixing.The clamps have strong springs which keep the clamp in an open position during the installation of conductors.The clamping action functions through wedges.The body is made of weather resistant aluminium alloy and the plastic parts of speical fibreglass reinforced plastic.
Modle Conductor Cross -section(mm2)
SM116 4(25-35)
SM117 4(50-120)
SM118 4(50-120)
Anchoring clamp
SM156,SM157 and SM158 used for the anchoring of a 2 or 4 core overhead cable to poles or walls by means of standard hooks.
Tension clamp for the anchoring of 2 or 4 core overhead cables to poles or walls by standard hooks.Tension clamp is equipped with a spring to make the installation easier.
Modle Conductor Cross -section(mm2)
SM156 4(16-25)
SM157 2(16-25)
SM158 4(16-25)
SM160 2(16-25)
SM161 4(16-25)