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Split style hydraulic crimper on distribution line

Type CO-60S
Split Style Hydraulic Crimper On Distribution Line
1.It is applicable for middle tube jointing on 110KV-220KV power transmission line and crimping tension proof wire grips.
2.It is applicable for crimping wires in large cross section.
3.Standard five sets of dieassembling:400、500、630、800、1000
4.In big ton crimpers,it belongs to the lightest one.Its head is upward die fixing base for quick rotating to open for crimping works in middle or at end.
5.It is specifically applicable for crimping works for repair tubes on overhead line.
6.The working support frame to the ground for easy and stable working in the ground.
7.Type U flying ring for working at high altitude
Output 55T
Contact Mould
Altube in 67mm or below,Steel tube in 31.7mm or below
Size 446〜160〜150mm
Weight 22kg